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MySignicat is the self-service portal for accessing your Signicat Identity Broker and OwnIdP accounts.

Signicat Identity Broker

Easy, secure access to your online services with a single point of control.

With the Signicat Identity Broker, your customers can log in easily and securely using their preferred online ID method. The Identity Broker acts as a central hub, connecting your online services with a variety of identity providers to make identity management simple. So you have various secure logins at your disposal, plus increased assurance regarding user identities.

eHerkenning Broker

Set up a direct connection to the eHerkenning Broker without the use of the Signicat Identity Broker.

Using the eHerkenning Broker, you can connect your online services directly to eHerkenning. Via the eHerkenning Broker, you can determine per service which reliability level of eHerkenning is applicable to the service type.


OwnIdP is an advanced user management solution developed by Signicat and allows you to securely manage your user accounts in on place. It offers everything you need to manage user accounts, authorisations and identities in one place.

Signicat Adapters

Any service can be connected to the Signicat Identity Broker (Mobile SDK) or eHerkenning Broker (Web SDK) using a Signicat Adapter.