CIAM Overview
Learn about Signicat's Customer Identity and Access Management solution.


Identity and Access management is the mechanism used to ensure that the right users have access to the right sources at the correct time and for the right reasons, according to the Gartner consultancy.
Signicat's Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution is an IdP, developed by Signicat. It can be completely white labelled by service providers and supports delegated user management, different organisations, nested organisations and different user roles.

User Types

Signicat's CIAM distinguishes four different types of users:‌
  • SuperAdmin‌: Can view and manage everything from every organisation. Can also manage the settings, organisation types and user roles.
  • Functional Manager: Can manage all organisations and manage the users of all organisations.
  • Admin‌: Can view and manage his own organisation, sub organisations and its users. Can also view the parent organisation.
  • User‌: Can login but not change anything in CIAM besides his profile
Every user that logs in into CIAM can view and edit their profile, 2FA settings, trusted devices (when allowed) and login history. For Admin and SuperAdmin users, there is a dashboard where the different management options can be found. The dashboard also shows an overview of the number of organisations, number of active users and the monthly login sessions and authentications.

Logging In

You can access CIAM by selecting Users from the main MySignicat dashboard. Enter your login credentials when prompted. Finally, select the organisation you wish to access.
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