Managing organisations

Organisations can be managed from the 'Organisations' section from the dashboard by Admin, SuperAdmin and Functional Manager users. ‌This provides an overview of all organisations and their hierarchy. It also shows the organisation types, Chamber of Commerce number (when available), branch number (when available), organisation code (when available), whether the organisation is active and how many users the organisation has. ‌

A detailed view can be requested, where it will also show an overview of all users of that organisation, including an option to invite new users. See Managing users for more information.‌

Organisations and sub organisations can easily be added by Admin, SuperAdmin and Functional Manager users. Besides optionally selecting the parent organisations, it requires only a name. Optionally, an organisation type, Chamber of Commercie number, branch number an organisation code can be provided. Organisations can also be deactivated. ‌

When deleting an (sub) organisation, you are provided with an overview of the consequences, including the number of users that will be deleted on deletion of the organisation. ‌

An organisation can have an organisation type, which determines what kind of (user) roles are allowed to be used in the organisation. Organisation types can only be managed by users with the SuperAdmin role.