Managing users

As an Admin, SuperAdmin or Functional Manager user, you can manage the users within your organisation(s). ‌An overview of all users can be found under the 'Users' tab from the dashboard. This overview shows all users, which organisation they belong to, what roles they hold, when they last logged in, when they created their account and if they accounts are active. ‌From this dashboard view, more details can be requested and the user can be edited or deleted. ‌

New users can be invited via email with the 'Invite user' flow. After selecting an organisation, you only need to provide the email address of the user and which roles this user should get within the organisation. The user will receive an email with instructions on how to finalise and activate their account. ‌

The roles of a user can be managed by a SuperAdmin from the 'Roles' section in the dashboard. Here, roles can be created, changed or deleted. A role only has a name and is used to distinguish between types of users, and corresponding rights, within the application of the service provider.