Google SAML
Please follow these steps to enable Google SAML IdP
  • Log in to G Suite Admin Panel.
  • Go to SAML App in Apps Section.
  • Click on plus sign to add new application.
  • Click on Setup my own custom app.
  • Click on Option 2 Download to download the Google metadata.
  • Enter the application name and description. This will be shown to the application’s end-users. It can be the name of your application you wish to connect to the Connectis Identity Broker.
  • Enter the following:
    • ACS
    • url
    • Entity ID Start url - This is the url that the user can click on to start the login process. You can find this information in the metadata of the Connectis Identity Broker.
  • Select Primary Email as Name ID.
  • Select email as Name ID format.
  • Send the downloaded metadata from step 5 to [email protected]
  • When the metadata is processed, edit the new service by clicking on Editing Service to enable this application for the desired organisational units.
Last modified 2yr ago
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