Google SAML
Please follow these steps to enable Google SAML IdP
    Log in to G Suite Admin Panel.
    Go to SAML App in Apps Section.
    Click on plus sign to add new application.
    Click on Setup my own custom app.
    Click on Option 2 Download to download the Google metadata.
    Enter the application name and description. This will be shown to the application’s end-users. It can be the name of your application you wish to connect to the Connectis Identity Broker.
    Enter the following:
      Entity ID Start url - This is the url that the user can click on to start the login process. You can find this information in the metadata of the Connectis Identity Broker.
    Select Primary Email as Name ID.
    Select email as Name ID format.
    Send the downloaded metadata from step 5 to [email protected]
    When the metadata is processed, edit the new service by clicking on Editing Service to enable this application for the desired organisational units.
Last modified 2yr ago
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