Please follow these steps to enable iDIN

Getting started

    Choose which attributes you want to receive in your iDIN response. You can also use this spreadsheet to help you choose which attributes to request and calculate the corresponding iDIN ServiceID.
    Choose a Dutch bank from which you want to buy your iDIN connection and sign a contract with them. The bank will fulfill the role of Acquirer for your iDIN connection.

Connecting to pre-production

    Go to pre-production portal of the chosen Acquirer.
    Contact [email protected] to receive your signing certificate.
    Log in with the credentials provided by the bank, and go to Merchants → Services.
    Upload the signing certificate at the bottom part of the page.
    Send the following information to [email protected]: Acquirer, MerchantID, Routing Service URL, and ServiceID

Going to production

    Follow the same steps as mentioned above to set up the production connection.
    You have to enable your iDIN production connection in the portal of your Acquirer. Log in to your Acquirer’s production portal and go to Merchants → Services.
    In the “Do tests” step, click “Confirm integration tests”. Check all the boxes to finish the process.
Last modified 2yr ago