OpenID Connect
Connect using OpenID Connect
If your service supports OpenID Connect, you can connect it to the Connectis Identity Broker.
Please follow these steps:
    Familiarise yourself with the OpenID Connect protocol, see OpenID Connect information. The Connectis Identity Broker supports the Authorisation Code flow.
    Configure your service to use the Authorisation Code flow by setting the correct value for the response_type parameter when calling the Connectis Identity Broker authorisation endpoint. Use “code” for Authorisation Code.
    Before a connection can be established between your service and the Connectis Identity Broker, Connectis needs to know the following credentials of your service:
      Client_id and the client_secret (only for Authorisation Code Grant flow) parameters. Contact Connectis for instructions on how to define these.
      Redirect_uri, a URL on your service where the response will be sent.
As soon as the minimum information as described above is defined on your side, send it to [email protected] to start enabling the connection.
    Connectis will provide the credentials of the Connectis Identity Broker containing all the endpoints required, together with the certificates that your service should use for checking the signed JWTs. Configure it in your service.
Contact the supplier of your service if you need additional help in configuring OpenID Connect connections on your service. Contact [email protected] if you need to troubleshoot your connection.
Last modified 2yr ago
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