Configure Your Environment with MyConnectis
MyConnectis is the self-service portal for configuring your Connectis Identity Broker.
It enables you to configure the Service Provider connections and Identity Provider connections for your own environment.
This section describes everything you need to know to use MyConnectis for configuring and maintaining the configuration of your own environment.

Logging in

  1. 2.
    Login with the account provided to you
  2. 3.
    Click on the name of the federation you wish to configure to open the dashboard page, from which you can administer your environment.
Tenant dashboard page
Depending on the situation, your tenant can run on a subdomain or on a custom domain name.

Altering the configuration of your environment

If you alter the configuration in MyConnectis, your Connectis Identity Broker will be updated. A counter will be shown on the page indicating when the new configuration should be effective.
Counter indicating when new configuration will be effective
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