Performing a login flow using the Service Provider Simulator
Your Connectis Identity Broker pre-production environment comes with a Service Provider Simulator that you can use to test before adding your own Service Provider application.
Follow these steps to perform a login flow with the SP Simulator:
    Login to MyConnectis
    Note your tenant's URL, e.g. in the figure above
    Browse to url-of-your-tenant/sp-simulator, e.g.
    The Service Provider Simulator will appear.
Service Provider Simulator
    Click OK
    Perform the login flow
    Inspect the response as received by the Service Provider Simulator
Tip: The default values in the Service Provider Simulator will work to perform a login flow. You can however use the fields in the Service Provider Simulator to send altered requests to test various scenarios. The following additional fields are available in the SP Simulator:
Force Authentication: This option sets the ForceAuthn attribute to true on the SAML AuthnRequest sent to the Connectis Identity Broker (default value: false). This means that users will always have to login at the IdP, even though they still have an active session.
Requester name: Defines the attribute “ProviderName” on the SAML AuthnRequest sent to the Connectis Identity Broker. This appears on the SAML request and has no functional effect.
Protocol Binding: Defines the attribute “ProtocolBinding” on the SAML AuthnRequest. If left blank, the Broker will infer the SAML binding used between the different bindings available (such as POST, Redirect, etc.).
Attribute Consuming Service Index: The Service Index from eHerkenning or eIDAS that you wish to request a login for.
Level of Assurance: The level of assurance that the SP will request from the Connectis Identity Broker.
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