DigiD Simulator (deprecated)

Simulating a DigiD SAML IdP, to test before an actual DigiD connection has been set up

Sending a simulated DigiD authentication


  1. Fill in a value in the field BSN (this is the BSN that will be returned together with a sector number; ex: s00000000:123456789 )

  2. Select the Level of Assurance that the authentication response should use

  3. Press SEND


  1. Press CANCEL

Response that will be returned to SP

DigiD SAML: will return in the NameID the BSN number together with a sector number (ex: s00000000:123456789). So please make sure that you simulate this correctly while using the DigiD simulator if you want to get a realistic response. Apart from this, the responses generated by the simulator are exactly the same as the original DigiD responses.

For further information on DigiD SAML connections please see: Saml Digid Specs


A success message from DigiD contains the following elements:

  • SAML StatusCode: Success

  • The BSN can be found in the NameID element together with the secor number

  • The Level of Assurance can be found in the AuthnContextClassRef element

  • An additional attribute with name “bsn” can be found in the AttributeStatement element which contains only the BSN (here the sector number is stripped out; ex: 123456789)


A cancel message from DigiD contains the following elements:

  • SAML StatusCode: AuthnFailed