DigiD Simulator (deprecated)
Simulating a DigiD SAML IdP, to test before an actual DigiD connection has been set up

Sending a simulated DigiD authentication

    Fill in a value in the field BSN (this is the BSN that will be returned together with a sector number; ex: s00000000:123456789 )
    Select the Level of Assurance that the authentication response should use
    Press SEND
    Press CANCEL

Response that will be returned to SP

DigiD SAML: will return in the NameID the BSN number together with a sector number (ex: s00000000:123456789). So please make sure that you simulate this correctly while using the DigiD simulator if you want to get a realistic response. Apart from this, the responses generated by the simulator are exactly the same as the original DigiD responses.
For further information on DigiD SAML connections please see: Saml Digid Specs
A success message from DigiD contains the following elements:
    SAML StatusCode: Success
    The BSN can be found in the NameID element together with the secor number
    The Level of Assurance can be found in the AuthnContextClassRef element
    An additional attribute with name “bsn” can be found in the AttributeStatement element which contains only the BSN (here the sector number is stripped out; ex: 123456789)
A cancel message from DigiD contains the following elements:
    SAML StatusCode: AuthnFailed
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