About IRMA

Information on how to configure IRMA can be found in the Signicat Identity Broker chapter.

IRMA overview

IRMA is a set of open source software projects implementing the Idemix attribute-based credential scheme. End-users receive digitally signed personal properties (or attributes) from a trusted issuer which they store in their IRMA app (or "wallet"). They can then choose the attributes they wish to disclose to others.
IRMA stands for I Reveal My Attributes, as it gives the end-user the power to chose which which attributes to reveal. Via the IRMA mobile app, users can verify themselves accordingly, depending on the service they are using. When buying a movie on a streaming service, for example, an end-user can reveal they are older than 16, without having to prove who they are.

IRMA roles

  1. 1.
    Users: The end-user; the people who have IRMA on their phone, containing cards with personal data. Users familiarise themselves with IRMA by revealing (relevant) data from those cards.
  2. 2.
    Verifiers: The organisations that want to know something about users and request that information through IRMA. Users disclose their data to verifiers.
  3. 3.
    Issuers: The organisations that issue personal data about themselves to users, in the form of tickets in their IRMA app. Users can then identify themselves to verifiers with the data on those cards.
The verifier can verify that certain attributes were given to the user in the past by using the issuer's digital signature over them. They can then confirm that the attributes have not been modified since they were authenticated.

Key features

  • Free and open source.
  • A safe and secure method of authentication for the end-user.
  • No fixed set of attributes provided. The end-user fills their IRMA wallet with verified attributes from various sources to then be used with a service provider.
  • End-users can digitally sign documents by disclosing only selected relevant attributes about themselves.
IRMA wallet with personal data cards.

IRMA app

The IRMA authenticate app is created by Privacy by Design Foundation and can be downloaded via the following links:


If you have any further questions, contact Signicat's Technical Support.

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