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Can I demo the service before purchase?

About Privacy and Security at Signicat

Signicat provides a critical part of the IT infrastructure to our clients. Our specialists therefore work continuously on the security of our platform to develop it further. We ensure that the solution meets the latest security standards.
Security checks are built into our process at all stages: from design to production and implementation of our software. This is also independently verified and certified on a regular basis.
Signicat takes the privacy of you and your clients very seriously. We comply with the most recent security regulations, which you can find on our certification page.
The authentications themselves are protected by end-to-end encryption. We do not process any sensitive personal data. Normally, we only transmit (route and reroute) data and therefore do not view specific data streams. Our system administrators monitor our systems 24/7. This ensures that the availability of your services is guaranteed.

What information does Signicat see?

Signicat understands privacy. The information we can access is what we store in our logging. However, do not normally access these details unless there is a need.

Where does the processing of authentication requests take place?

Signicat's data centres are located within the European Union. Our services are fully GDPR-compliant and all of the data processing is done safely within European Union borders.
However, if you prefer, we can arrange an even more strict approach via a choice between Signicat's standard compliance (Amazon or, in the future, Google) or fully European-owned subcontractor infrastructure (Open Telekom Cloud (T-systems)), complete with on site audit rights, if so desired. Your data processing will be guarded against "Safe haven" abuse.

Where can I find outage and maintenance reports?

Systemwide outages can be found on the reporting page of Logius: Outage and Maintenance page.

Is there a health check available?

Yes, users of the Signicat Identity Broker are able to access the health check page. They can reach the health check page by changing the 'hostname' in the URL below to the appropriate hostname and then pasting the link into the browser.

How can I make a complaint?

At Signicat, we believe it is important that our clients are satisfied with our services. We are therefore constantly working to further optimise our services.
For sales-related and general questions or remarks, please contact your regular contact person of the sales department. For technical questions or remarks, please contact our technical support department.
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will be happy to work with you to find a solution. For complaints regarding the Signicat Identity Broker, eHerkenning Broker or CIAM solutions, please send an email to [email protected]
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and a deadline for finding a solution.

What is a PKI Overheid certificate?

PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure; a digital certificate that allows you to exchange data securely online with government agencies and the Tax and Customs Administration, among others.
PKI is an international standard when it comes to signing data and messages. You can therefore obtain a PKI certificate in various ways. This is not sufficient for the government. The government states that you need a PKI Overheid certificate. A PKI Overheid certificate is a regular PKI certificate, but issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) that has been authorised by the government. They must meet strict requirements of the government.

I provide services for a government agency. Can I apply for a PKI Overheid certificate myself?

Yes, you can. More information can be found here.

What is an OIN?

This is an Organisation Identification Number or also called a Government Identification Number. You use it to identify yourself as an organisation.

What protocols does Signicat use?

Signicat uses SAML, OpenID Connect (OAuth) and WS-Fed. For more information, please visit our service providers page.

Which eIDs are supported by the Signicat Identity Broker?

The Signicat Identity Broker provides access to a range of eID standards. We offer support for DigiD, eHerkenning, iDIN, eIDAS, Facebook, Google and all SAML-based eIDs. With the Signicat Identity Broker, you only need one connection to connect all these eIDs. For more information about the eIDs, please visit our updated eID page.
Does your question remain unanswered? You can reach our Technical Support department Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 via email [email protected] or by calling
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