iDIN with eIDV
This page looks as the combined use of the iDIN eID method along with electronic identity document verification (eIDV).


Using eIDs simplifies the onboarding process of new customers, shares reliable data and makes it easy for returning users to log in. But the need to meet higher security protocols increases alongside can be met with an additional layer of verification, the Electronic Identity Document Verification (eIDV) service - to help where an eID is not enough. This could be times where more attributes are needed than an eID shares, or if an additional check of an identity document is required by law.

What it solves

eIDV allows for the verification of an end-user’s identity by scanning and checking the information of an ID document. Some eIDV services also offer additional verification such as a facial similarity check and/or liveness check.
The Signicat Assure API:
enables you to combine a wide range of identity document verification mechanisms such as NFC reading of passports, fully automated verification using AI and manual verification performed by agents, based on the specific requirements for each individual end-user identity being verified.

Benefits of using iDIN with eIDV

    Increased online security
    Helps fight financial crime
    Fast onboarding of customers
    Dynamic solution which evolves with technology and the market
    Complies with Europe regulations and legal requirements
    Provides a “high” Level of Assurance (LoA)

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