NextGen: CIAM
All release notes for the NextGen Signicat Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) tool.

18 October 2021

    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

28 September 2021

    Administrators can now manage (view & remove) linked accounts of users
    Improvements to the invite (new) user flow
    Various (small) UI improvements
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

3 September 2021

    Fixed filtering on custom attribute in SCIM API
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

13 August 2021

    Invitation email can now be valid for maximum 14 days
    Improved performance of Organisation list
    User is redirected to configured Redirect URL after password reset (same URL as used after account creation)
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

19 July 2021

    Removed dashboard page
    Added option to filter on custom attributes via SCIM API
    Custom menu tab (if configured) now also appears at User Profile page (as button)

9 July 2021

    Updated default styling to match new Signicat style
    Added User detail page (previously, only OrganisationUsers could be viewed)
    Fixed: Redirect to Shadow User overview after deleting a Shadow User
    Fixed: Always decode HTML characters in emails
    Fixed: You can now invite yourself (if you are SuperAdmin) to another organization as SuperAdmin
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

25 June 2021

    Improved NL translations
    Fixed preselection for login via MySignicat
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

18 June 2021

    Logout issues fixed
    Resolved confusing regarding MySignicat login option on CIAM UI
    external_id is now also returned in the response
    Users can now delete their own organisation users (if it is not the active user)
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

11 June 2021

    Added: SCIM API support to manage 2FA of users
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

27 May 2021

    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

18 May 2021

    Added option to add a custom attribute to the Select Organization screen
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

10 May 2021

    Update user overview to also display users without organization link

7 May 2021

    Fixed blocking users after x amount of wrong passwords
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

3 May 2021

    Added attribute filtering to SCIM API
    Fixed: OK button is also shown after user creation with Administrator rights
    Fixed: Reset 2FA possible on shadow users
    Fixed: Organization name is no longer hardcoded in the invitation email subject
    Fixed: Inactive user can still login
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

15 April 2021

    Custom attributes can now be used in the invitation email subject
    Added overview of users without login credentials
    OK button is also shown after user creation with Administrator rights
    Improved NL translations
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

22 March 2021

    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

19 March 2021

    Fixed role order issues during update
    Fixed 403 error on certain user details
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

16 March 2021

    Add ExternalID of roles to UI and SCIM API
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

5 March 2021

    Fix for wrong name when user does not have username

3 March 2021

    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

11 February 2021

    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

1 February 2021

    Admin role can edit Chamber of Commerce number on suborganisations
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

19 January 2021

    Added setting for allowing logins with Username, email address, or both. (default is that both are allowed)

12 January 2021

    Various UI bugfixes & improvements

7 January 2021

    Various UI bugfixes & improvements

6 January 2021

    Bugfix for tables not working properly

4 January 2021

    Login is now possible with username or email address
    Email address uniqueness enforced
      Accounts that use the same email address are merged into 1 account, using the username of the last used account. Alle roles and organisation links from all accounts are merged as well.
    Username can no longer contain '@'.
      In existing usernames that used '@', this is replaced with '.'
    Added forgot username option
    Bugfix: Organisation history does not show after changing organisation name
    Various UI bugfixes & improvements

18 December 2020

    Various UI bugfixes & improvements

14 December 2020

    Temporarily disabled custom no-reply email feature (due to some infrastructure limitations, this can for now only be done manually. If this is required, please contact Technical Support)
    Made the email sender name configurable, with as default the federation name (this previously was the federation domain).
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

10 December 2020

    Fixed: Newly created users have an unverified email address

3 December 2020

    Rebranding from Connectis styling to Signicat styling

1 December 2020

    Admin user cannot change own organisation (only sub-organisations)
    Admin role is not added to organisation by default
    Added possibility for a link to an SP application after user creation
    UI update:
      New search bar
      Improved pagination, ordering & filtering in tables
      Added descriptions to internal CIAM roles
    Custom attributes:
      Validation on (conflicting) attribute name on creation of custom attribute
      Make custom attributes available when creating an organisation or user
    User invite: check if used email address exists
    SCIM API: Exclude systemusers
    Various (internal) bugfixes & improvements

19 August 2020

    No longer automatically copy Chamber of Commerce number to the child-organisations

18 August 2020

    Added "Select all (tenant) Roles" button to user invite page
    Refactoring & bugfixes on SCIM API v1.0
    Add custom attribute support to SCIM API v1.0
    Bugfix: Unable to update Organisation-User when no CIAM roles are available

12 August 2020

    Various bugfixes:
      Fix User login without organisation links
      Only allow SuperAdmin to link Roles to SPs
      Fix mouse-over translations
      Make custom menu tab visible to all users that have access to the CIAM dashboard
      Organisation detail page: Fix alignment of "Add sub-organisation" button
      Role list view: replace "order" with "importance rank" on CIAM roles

11 August 2020

    Various small (internal) bugfixes

6 August 2020

    Small bugfixes for correctly handling custom styling

4 August 2020

    Bugfixes for custom attributes

30 July 2020

    Added support for disabling of federations

28 July 2020

    Bugfix: Cannot see send invites

22 July 2020

    Read theme-ability settings of CIAM screens from MySignicat

17 July 2020

    Add support for changing username
    Various UI / usability improvements

16 July 2020

    Added internal functionality

14 July 2020

    Added custom attributes (for Organisation, User and Organisation-User)
    Bugfix: 500 server error on select organisation screen when parent organisation has multiple direct children

2 July 2020

    Added option to filter Roles per SP connection (to the Identity Broker)
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