Broker Settings
A more in-depth look at the broker settings and configuration.
This component outlines the global settings for the broker. Here, you can configure the following properties:
    Session Duration: Your session will expire after the configured amount of time. The default is 30 minutes up to a maximum of 12 hours.
    Use rolling validity: Whenever there is session activity, the session expiration time is reset to 30 minutes again.
    Cancel behaviour: You can choose how the cancel button will behave when pressed. There are two options:
      Show selection screen
      Go to SP
    Organisation information: These are all required fields.
      Organisation name
      Organisation display name
      Organisation URL
    Contact person: You can define a list of contacts by expanding the contact person section.
    The fields you can define are:
      Type of contact person: Technical, Support, Administrative, Billing or Other.
      First name
      Last name
      Email address
      Phone number
    Certificate expiration notification: You can define which email addresses need to be notified when an SP certificate is about the expire. Configurable fields are:
      Email addresses to be notified before the certificate expires. Press enter to add multiple addresses. Emails will be sent every day until the certificate is renewed.
      The number of days before certificate expiration that notifications will be sent to the added email addresses.
    Message log retention period: You can configure how long the messages in the Broker Message Log will be retained. This can be configured in months or days.
      NOTE: Changing this setting will cause automatic deletion of the messages in the message log. Deleted messages cannot be restored.
      Deletion happens daily at 01:00 CET.
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