Metadata file

Get Broker Metadata - when clicked you will get the broker metadata xml.

Configuration fields:

  • Name - name of the connection - REQUIRED

  • Include only when scoped - the broker provides scoped idps functionality

  • Upload authentication provider metadata - When a valid metadata is uploaded, all the properties inside that metadata are displayed in the form. You can change these properties and when you save the form, the metadata is updated as well.

  • Select a LoA contract - drop down menu for default and specific LoA contracts (for more details about level of assurance contracts, see Level of Assurance Contracts) - REQUIRED

  • Select Attribute Filter - select an attribute filter (see Attribute Filters)

  • Response Attribute Mapping - the user can choose to customize the name of the attributes received in the response body. You can provide none or multiple name-to-name mappings.