Multi-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication for extra security
In many situations, a traditional user name-password combination no longer gives enough assurance. The best option is then multi-factor authentication. With MFA, an additional layer of security is added. The basic idea is that multiple factors are used in combination to confirm a user's identity. Those factors are typically:
  • Something you know, e.g. a password or PIN
  • Something you have, e.g. a smartcard
  • Something about you, e.g. your fingerprint or another biometric feature

Signicats Multi-factor authentication

Signicat supports time-based one-time password (TOTPs). This involves using an authentication app that generates TOTPs with an algorithm. Popular authentication apps include Google Authenticator, Authy and OTP, but others can be used if preferred.
Features of MFA with TOTP
  • Safer as a second factor than the use of SMS codes
  • Length code and validity are fixed (six digits and half a minute)
  • The login codes are generated for free
  • The user must have a smartphone with an authentication app
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