Identifiers (ECTAs)

An Identifier set or ECTA set is a combination of one or more identifying attributes which a service provider can specify per service in the Service Catalogue. This means that a service requires one or multiple ECTAs, or that a service can provide a preference for one ECTA with one or multiple alternative ECTAs.
Individual identifiers possible in ECTA sets are: KvK, RSIN, BSN (if allowed), PseudoID, and Pseudo. eIDASLegalIdentifier is currently not yet supported by the EU countries.

User attributes

Here are all the possibilities and combinations per set:
  • kvk (eH)
  • rsin (eH)
  • bsn (eH / eIDAS)
  • kvk+rsin (eH)
  • kvk+bsn (eH)
  • pseudo (eIDAS)
  • pseudoid (eIDAS)
  • bsn+pseudoid (eIDAS)
  • bsn+pseudo (eIDAS)
  • bsn+pseudoid+pseudo (eIDAS)
  • eidasLegalIdentifier (eIDAS)


Example 1: Login with RSIN and KvK. These are the required identifiers for the service:
  • Set 1: RSIN & KvK
Example 2: Login with RSIN, if RSIN is not available, then login with KvK:
  • Set 1: RSIN
  • Set 2: KvK
Example 3: Login with both RSIN and KvK, if that is not available, login with BSN and KvK:
  • Set 1: RSIN & KvK
  • Set 2: BSN & KvK
Example 4 eIDAS: Log in with BSN, if no BSN linked, log in with PseudoID:
  • Set 1: BSN
  • Set 2: PseudoID