An overview and configuration guide of the Ws-Federation service provider connection type.
Get Broker Metadata button: When pressed you will get the broker metadata xml.


Here is an overview of the Ws-Federation configuration fields:
    Name: Name of the connection
    Application URL: URL of service provider
    Realm: Provide the URL that identifies the service provider
    Reply to URL: A URL that identifies the address at which the service provider would like to receive replies; in this section multiple reply to URL configurations can be made
    Select a LoA contract: Drop down menu for default and specific LoA contracts (for more details about level of assurance contracts, see Level of Assurance Contracts)
    Select Attribute Filter: Select an attribute filter (see Attribute Filters)
    Response Attribute Mapping: The user can choose to customise the name of the attributes received in the response body. You can provide none or multiple name-to-name mappings.
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