Signicat Adapters
Easily connect applications to the Signicat Identity Broker
Any service can be connected to the Signicat Identity Broker using a Signicat Adapter. With a Signicat Adapter, the connection is effectively integrated within the application. Making it even easier to set up connections between your online services and various identity providers.
Easy implementation
Guaranteed to work
Smooth updates
Signicat Adapters mean less programming work. We provide everything you need to connect your applications to the Signicat Identity Broker.
When you use Signicat Adapters, compatibility with the Signicat Identity Broker is guaranteed. Your interface will work, and go on working.
With a Signicat Adapter, very little maintenance is required. We make sure that the adapter remains updated and fully functional at all times.

Free to Use

Signicat Adapters are entirely free to use in combination with the Signicat Identity Broker. In addition, we don't charge for adapter-related support.

Proven Security

At Signicat, we always put security first. Our processes have built-in security checks at every stage: from design, right through to software and adapter production and implementation.


For the connection of a service to the Signicat Identity Broker, it's important that your system supports the SAML protocol. If your system doesn't support SAML and you want to handle the implementation yourself, you face a number of challenges:
Implementation is complex
In-house implementation requires upkeep
Implementation errors mean security risks
SAML is an extensive protocol and therefor difficult to implement.
Once you've implemented the SAML protocol, your application managers will always have the responsibility of keeping the interface up and running as well as the application.
By implementing the SAML protocol, you enable an authentication connection to be established. It's very important that an authentication connection is secure. Any oversight or slip in your SAML implementation represents a security risk.

How to Use

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